It is a layered structured surface on the upper level of a building, such as: a roof of an apartment building, the roof of a hotel or complex, the roof of a parking lot of a house. It has natural or enriched soil and vegetation or water surfaces in combination with each other and with the rest of the surrounding area.

The reasons to build a planted roof

Many and important!

We will look at the 11 main benefits for both the neighborhood environment and the building’s residents.

Energy benefits

1. It is a natural means of thermal insulation. This means that in the warm months it keeps the building cooler, while in winter it maintains the indoor temperature more.

Environmental benefits

2. It benefits the microclimate of the area, making the atmosphere healthier and cleaner. This is because it has the ability to trap suspended particles and dust from the environment and surfaces.

3. Green spaces in the city are increasing.

4. Reduces carbon dioxide and increases oxygen through the photosynthesis of plants.

5. The effects of the thermal urban islet are reduced.

6. The runoff of rainwater is reduced. This means that the chances of flooding in the city are reduced and, in addition, its sewerage network is less burdened.

Insulating benefits

7. It is an excellent insulation and sound insulation, while it absorbs and therefore reduces noise and noise pollution. The reflected sound on the surface of the terrace is absorbed by the soft surface of the plants. This reduces noise pollution.

8. Covering the insulation with soil instead of cement slabs or similar materials, protects it more from extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations. This is because soil has a much lower thermal conductivity and heat capacity than cement.

Aesthetic and recreational benefits

9. Gives beauty and value to a “dead and ungrateful place”. It, therefore, functionally upgrades an unused space and turns it into a place of relaxation, recreation, rest and entertainment.

Believe me, your neighbor will “envy” you! The best parties take place on rooftops… And you can even turn it into a summer cinema.

Economic benefits

10. Due to the thermal insulation capacity of the building, you consume less fuel for heating or cooling, resulting in a significant economic benefit.

Structural benefits

11. Extends the life of your roof and in fact, in excellent condition.

The construction of a planted roof of course requires specialized knowledge and excellent management of the space in which the installation is to take place. We undertake the design, implementation and maintenance of your planted roof, with passion and knowledge.

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